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Fashion Tech Hack develops as an eco-system project platform and is constructed from the following areas:
Fashion Tech Hack

External communications platform
Fashion Tech Hack: Hub brings together project teams, start-ups with investors, bloggers, brands, retail companies, industrial partners - for the emergence of successful projects in the field of Fashion Tech / Fashion Net and innovations for the Light Industry

Formats interaction within
Fashion Tech Hack Hub:
pitching projects, meetups, conferences, hakathons, accelerating programs and business incubator programs, roundtables contests, media support, shows, demos

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Fashion Tech Hack
Internal communications platform
Fashion Tech Hack: Community brings together designers, marketers, it-developers, specialists in AI, engineers, technologists, economists, makers and all who are interested in innovations in the field of fashion - in the Team for the development of innovative projects, the birth of startup teams in the field of Fashion Tech / Fashion Net and innovations for the Light Industry, as well as for the emergence of technology personnel in the fashion industry.

Formats interaction within
Fashion Tech Hack: Community
Meetups about technological trends, lectures, master classes, educational courses, mentoring, project expertise, prototype development; online and offline.

Fashion Tech Hack
Fashion Tech Hack: Lab identifies and studies the requests of global fashion players and translates them, BUILDING THE WORK of engineers, scientists, designers, developers in the field of materials science, wear-resistant electronics, high-efficiency fibers and fabrics, artificial intelligence, digital platforms and other innovations. This makes it easy to integrate the latest technologies into production lines and retail processes.
Monitoring, analysis of promising technological solutions having commercial potential for transformation and integration into market products, services.

Formats of work:
- Search / Scouting commands, products and technologies
- Analytics, reviews, ratings

The relevance, significance and purpose of Fashion Tech Hack is explained by the development and implementation of the following markets and programs:

International emerging market of new technologies for the fashion industry
A new market segment in the international context that emerges as a result of the penetration of technology into the fashion industry and as a result of the breakthrough movement of innovators, who unite in their creative projects fashion and science to create a sustainable future.

One of the markets of the future according to the National Technological Initiative
A promising global network market, which will appear by 2035.
The tasks of forming a new market for STI - FashionNet - are due to the challenges of the new time: the development of the digital economy, artificial intelligence, the management of large data sets (Big Data), the emergence of new materials and technologies, digital factories and productions.
Strategy of the development of light industry in the RF for the period up to 2025
Branch National Strategy, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation
The strategy covers the segments of textile, clothing, leather and footwear production, and also takes into account the development of related segments of related industries - the production of chemical fibers and yarns, the production of natural fibers and yarns, as well as retail trade in light industry products.
Materials / Presentations / Analytics
Road map of events for Fashion Netmarket development
Presentation from the community. 2017y.
Available for download.
Designed for the Working Group of the National Fashion Net Technology Initiative on the results of Fashion Hackathon 2016
Presentation on Fashion Hackathon 2016 and its results
Presentation from the community. 2016y.
Available for download.
Information about the concept of the hackathon, tasks, program. Photos of teams and their projects.
Activity in 2017 for the development of Fashion Tech Hack
Presentation from the community. 2017y.
Available for download.
The presentation presents the activities of various formats that were aimed at the development of Fashion Tech Hack.
FashionTech Map

The FashionTech Map was created in November 2017 by the Rusbase team with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.
It is presented to the general public on November 2 in the framework of the International Fashion Forum in St. Petersburg.

The map of 2017 included several Fashion Tech Hack projects that participated in the Fashion Hackathon 2016, having the opportunity to announce themselves in the new market.

At the moment Fashion Tech Hack: Lab
has started to develop an expanded Fashion Tech map, which will highlight ecosystem elements and stakeholders.
The map will be presented in May 2018.

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salesmen, lawyers
Students, Professionals
Handmade Wizards
Small and Medium
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